sreda, julij 22, 2009


in vse kar pase zravn :-)

ponedeljek, julij 20, 2009


pac znajo uzivat :-) sardelice in cvicek na vroce cetrtkovo popoldne ;-)

petek, julij 17, 2009


je imela nastop s slovenskim pevskim zborom.. ponosni smo!!! in lustno je blo!!

torek, julij 14, 2009


brzdej tu mi :-)
hvala VAM dragi moji za super party!

pj party..

na bledu.. in vse se je vrtelo :-)

torek, julij 07, 2009


je pisal... mojim perpetuum jazzile..

tkole gre pismo:


My name is David Paich. When I wrote Africa I never
dreamed of hearing such an innovative rendition.
All I can say is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am truly honored that you not only would
arrange a choir version of the song
but the time and effort into creating
I have NEVER received so many emails
from artists friends and colleagues
on a singular performance of a song.
My hats off to all of you.
I know my co-writer Jeff Porcaro
would have shared the same feelings.
I know my band TOTO does.
Again, thanks you for such a wonderful
gift.I would love to meet everyone sometime
soon and maybe work together.